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Completed Route Name Start End Original number Other numbers Downgraded
A58(M) Leeds Inner Ring Road Stage III Wellington Road Westgate
M23 Gatwick Airport Link J9 Gatwick J9A Airport Way
M56 Sharston Bypass Stage II J2 Sharston J3 Princess Parkway
M1 Staples Corner - Fiveways J1 Staples Corner J2 Fiveways
M8 Monkland Motorway Stage 1 J12 Cumbernauld Road J15 Townhead
M32 Eastville - St Agnes J2 Eastville J3 Lower Ashley Road
M11 South Harlow - Bishop's Stortford J7 Hastingwood J8 Birchanger Green
M55 Blackpool Spur J1 Broughton J4 Marton
M56 Lymm - Preston Brook J9 Lymm J11 Preston Brook
A41 Tring Bypass Tring Hill London Road A41(M)
M66 Bury Easterly Bypass South M60 J18 Simister J2 Heap Bridge
A167(M) Central Motorway East Tyne Bridge Town Moor A1(M) A6127(M)
M27 Cadnam - Ower J1 Cadnam J2 Ower
M2 (NI) Sandyknowes - Templepatrick J4 Sandyknowes J5 Templepatrick
M27 Windhover - Park Gate J8 Windhover J9 Park Gate
M62 Pollington - Goole Pollington J36 Goole
M18 Thorne - M62 J6 Waterside J7 Langham
M5 Sowton and Killerton Sections J28 Collumpton J30 Sandygate A38
M5 Huntworth - Blackbrook J24 Huntworth J25 Blackbrook
M8 Bishopton Bypass Stage 2 J30 Craigton J31 West Ferry
M54 Wellington Bypass Priorslee J7 Cluddley
M27 Ower - Chilworth J2 Ower J4 Chilworth
M271 Southampton Dock Spur and Nursing Link Romsey Road Redbridge
M53 Ellesmere Port Motorway J5 Hooton J10 Stanlow Halt M531
M62 Liverpool (The Rocket) - Tarbock J4 The Rocket J6 Tarbock

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