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Completed Route Name Start End Original number
M1 (NI) Moira - Lurgan J9 Moira J10 Lurgan
M6 Shareshill - Dunston J11 Laney Green J13 Dunston
M1 Kegworth - Sandiacre J24 Kegworth J25 Sandiacre
M4 Port Talbot Bypass J39 Groes J41 Baglan A48(M)
M1 Sandiacre - Nuthall J25 Sandiacre J26 Nuthall
M48 Severn Bridge and Wye Bridge J1 Aust J2 Newhouse M4
M4 Hambrook - Aust J19 Hambrook J21 Awkley
M48 Hambrook - Aust M4 J21 Awkley J1 Aust M4
M5 Almondsbury Interchange J15 Almondsbury J16 Almondsbury Roundabout
M32 Hambrook Spur M4 J19 Hambrook J1 Frenchay M4
M6 Darlaston - Shareshill J10 Bentley J11 Laney Green
M2 (NI) Greencastle - Sandyknowes J2 Greencastle J4 Sandyknowes
A8(M) (NI) Sandyknowes - Corr’s Corner M2 J4 Sandyknowes Corr’s Corner
M1 Brockley Hill - Aldenham J4 Brockley J5 Berrygrove
M74 Hamilton Bypass Stage I J6 Hamilton Canderwater
M4 Tormarton - Hambrook J18 Tormarton J19 Hambrook

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