There's a fast expressway south from Hull towards Lincoln, Grimsby and Scunthorpe. But the road is really a footnote to its most prominent feature - the Humber Bridge.

The A15 spends most of its time following part of the Roman road Ermine Street, charging up in a straight line from Peterborough to Lincoln and then Brigg. The part of it that fits in the Motorway Database is nothing to do with that, however: we're here to discuss a newer section that was built in the late 1970s that forms the Humber Bridge and its approaches on either bank of the river.

The Humber Bridge is an incredible feat of engineering: the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world for 17 years, its two support towers are 155 metres (508ft) tall and are 36mm (1.4 inches) further apart at the top than the bottom to allow for the curvature of the earth. Its main span is 1.41km (0.87 miles) in length.

For all its beauty and ingenuity, the bridge is also a white elephant. Built largely for political reasons, it connects nowhere to nothing much, the towns and cities on the opposite banks of the Humber being a little too far for commuting. The astronomical cost of construction mean that the tolls are the highest on any bridge in the UK. Even so, the Humber Bridge Board has reliably lost money ever since the bridge was opened in 1981, despite a refinancing deal in 1996. The tolls, and the good motorway connections at each end, mean that for any journey that starts more than a few miles from either end of the bridge, it is usually just as fast and considerably cheaper to go via the M18 at Goole which is free.

As a result, the A15 between Hull and the M180 is incredibly quiet. The Humber Bridge section carries about 100,000 vehicles a week - a very low number for such a high-quality road - and the section on dry land carries even fewer.

There is now a campaign group, Humber Toll Action, which is pushing for the tolls to be removed. It's a noble aim, which would see the bridge finally used to its full potential, but sadly very unlikely due to the massive debt that would have to be written off and the ongoing maintenance costs which are not cheap.


A toll is charged to cross the Humber Bridge both northbound and southbound.

Enquiries about toll charges

Please direct all enquiries about the tolls to the Humber Bridge Board. This is NOT the Humber Bridge official website.

Vehicle class Toll for single crossing Discounted toll for tag holders
Motorbikes Free Free
Motor homes
Goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes
£1.50 £1.35
Goods vehicles above 3.5 with two axles
Cars with trailers
£4.00 £3.60
Goods vehicles above 7.5 tonnes £12.00 £10.80

The prices above are intended as a guide only, and were correct at 6 May 2016. Please check the Humber Bridge official website for up-to-date prices.

You're not looking at the whole A15

This page is about the parts of the A15 that are designated a motorway or that have motorway characteristics. Other sections of this road will not be featured here and will not count towards the length of the road as shown below.






Humber Bridge

Connects to

10 miles

Exit list

Symbols and conventions are explained in the key to exit lists. You can click any junction to see its full details.

Junction   Northbound               Southbound  
A63 (M62 Link)
A164 (A1079)
Hull Vehicle Ferry



LanesLanesLanesLanes Signs LanesLanesLanesLanes Signs
0.5 miles, 2 lanes 0.5 miles, 2 lanes
Toll station Toll station
LanesLanesLanesLanes SignsSigns LanesLanesLanesLanes SignsSigns
2.5 miles, 2 lanes  
River or canal River Humber
(Humber Bridge)
River or canal River Humber
(Humber Bridge)
  2.5 miles, 2 lanes
South Ferriby
A1077 A1077 Barton-upon-Humber
South Ferriby
LanesLanesLanesLanes LanesLanesLanesLanes
3 miles, 2 lanes 3 miles, 2 lanes
Barrow upon Humber
New Holland

B1206 Barrow upon Humber
New Holland
LanesLanesLanesLanes LanesLanesLanesLanes
2.5 miles, 2 lanes 2.5 miles, 2 lanes
Elsham Industrial Estate Elsham Industrial Estate
LanesLanesLanesLanes LanesLanesLanesLanes
1.5 miles, 2 lanes 1.5 miles, 2 lanes
M180 J5 M180

A15 (A18)

Humberside Airport
A15 (A18)
M180 Link
LanesLanesLanesLanes LanesLanesLanesLanes

Picture credits

  • Photograph of the Humber Bridge is taken from an original by Chris Thompson and used with permission.

With thanks to Joe, Tim Lidbetter and Rhydian Edwards for information on this page.

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