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The motorway network is a big place. What are you looking for?

Roads.org.uk's Motorway Database contains pages for about 2,000 individual locations. A location can be a junction, service area, bridge, tunnel or any other feature shown on a route's exit list. You can search through all of them here.

To begin, open up the Filters box and begin selecting the options you want. For example, you could look for all the restricted-access junctions on the M6, or all the locations on the A406 that have traffic signals, or all the Roundabout Interchanges with a service area attached to them. It's up to you, and the possibilities are endless.

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Go west! New Ringways pages are here

A new set of Ringways pages are now online, looking at unbuilt motorways and road projects west of London.

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London's Ultra Low Emission Zone has just expanded to cover the whole inner city, and across the UK, other cities are implementing their own Clean Air Zones. Is this the future?

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