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The motorway network is a big place. What are you looking for?

Roads.org.uk's Motorway Database contains pages for about 2,000 individual locations. A location can be a junction, service area, bridge, tunnel or any other feature shown on a route's exit list. You can search through all of them here.

To begin, open up the Filters box and begin selecting the options you want. For example, you could look for all the restricted-access junctions on the M6, or all the locations on the A406 that have traffic signals, or all the Roundabout Interchanges with a service area attached to them. It's up to you, and the possibilities are endless.

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London’s other forgotten motorways

We’ve spent years documenting the unbuilt urban motorway network planned for London. Today we’re unveiling more new routes that have never been seen before!

The middle of nowhere

A national system of road numbers radiating from a central point suggests there is… well, a central point. But if you go looking for it you’ll find it doesn’t exist.

Not so Smart

There have been rumours for months. Now the announcement has been made - “all new Smart Motorways scrapped”. What does this mean and who are the winners?

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Low Emission Zone

A first step towards emissions-based road pricing, a pointless measure to enforce something that's happening anyway, or another leap forward in traffic planning from the people who created the Congestion Charge? It's hard to say.