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Completed Route Name Start End Original number Downgraded
A3290 Reading - Loddon Bridge Sutton Seeds Loddon Bridge A329(M)
M60 Sharston Bypass Stage I J2 Roscoe’s Roundabout J3 Kingsway M63
M56 Sharston Bypass Stage I J1 Kingsway J2 Sharston
M57 Liverpool Outer Ring Road Phase 2 (North) J2 Forest House J5 Knowsley Wood
M40 Stokenchurch - Wheatley J5 Stokenchurch J8 Wheatley
M5 Taunton Bypass J25 Blackbrook J26 Chelston
M80 Denny Bypass J7 Haggs J9 Pirnhall
M876 Dennyloanhead - North Broomage M80 J8 Bankhead J2 North Broomage
M5 Avonmouth - Portbury J18 Lawrence Weston J19 Gordano
M3 Sunbury Cross - Bagshot J1 Sunbury Cross J3 Bagshot
M62 Croft - Eccles J10 Croft J12 Eccles
M62 Lofthouse - Whitley Bridge J29 Lofthouse J34 Whitley Bridge
M60 Sale Eastern and Northenden Bypass J3 Kingsway J7 Chester Road M63
M62 Whitley Bridge - Pollington J34 Whitley Bridge Pollington
A329(M) Twyford Road - Coppid Beech Twyford Road Coppid Beech
M56 Bowdon - Lymm J7 Bowdon J9 Lymm
M23 Hooley - Pease Pottage J7 Hooley J11 Pease Pottage

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