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Completed Route Name Start End Original number Other numbers Downgraded
A1(M) Birtley Bypass J63 Blind Lane J65 Birtley
M6 Ray Hall - Wednesbury J8 Ray Hall J9 Wednesbury
M5 Ray Hall - Quinton M6 J8 Ray Hall J3 Quinton
A194(M) Birtley - White Mare Pool A1(M) J65 Birtley J3 White Mare Pool A194(M) A1(M)
M5 Strensham - Piffs Elm J8 Strensham J10 Piffs Elm
M8 Glasgow Inner Ring Road: Kingston Bridge and Approaches J19 Anderston J20 West Street
M1 Fiveways Interchange J2 Fiveways Page Street
M6 Great Barr - Ray Hall J7 Great Barr J8 Ray Hall
M32 Stapleton Bypass J1 Frenchay J2 Eastville
A40 Westway Wood Lane Marylebone A40(M)
A3220 West Cross Route Shepherds Bush Westway M41
M62 Chain Bar - Gildersome J26 Chain Bar J27 Gildersome
M60 Worsley - Whitefield J13 Worsley J17 Whitefield M62
M6 Carnforth - Thrimby J35 Carnforth Thrimby
M90 Newbridge - Muriehall M90 J1A Kirkliston Queensferry Road M9
M9 Newbridge - Muriehall J1 Newbridge Muriehall
M8 Newbridge - Dechmont J2 Claylands J3 Dechmont
M9 Newbridge - Dechmont M8 J2 Claylands J1 Newbridge M8
M62 Rockingstone Moss - Outlane J22 Rockingstone Moss J23 Outlane
M6 Carlisle Bypass J42 Golden Fleece J44 Greymoorhill
M62 Gildersome - Lofthouse J27 Gildersome J29 Lofthouse
M61 Worsley - Horwich J1 Wardley J6 Horwich
M8 Bishopton Bypass Stage 1 J29A Southbar J30 Craigton
M898 Southbar - Erskine M8 J30 Craigton J1 Toll Plaza

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