Route Open Junctions Section
1 A57(M) Mar 1967 Entire motorway
2 M1 Apr 1967 J40-42 Wakefield → East Ardsley
3 M1 May 1967 J26-28 Nuthall → Pinxton
4 M1 May 1967 J2-4 Page Street → Brockley
5 M4 May 1967 J24-28 Newport Bypass
6 M40 Jun 1967 J4-5 Handy Cross → Stokenchurch
7 A1 and A1(M) Jul 1967 J8-10 Baldock Bypass
8 M1 Jul 1967 J32-34 Thurcroft → Tinsley
9 M4 Aug 1967 J23*-24 Crick → Newport Bypass
10 M8 Aug 1967 J5-6 Harthill → Newhouse
11 M1 Oct 1967 J42-44 East Ardsley → Stourton
12 M1 Nov 1967 J28-32 Pinxton → Thurcroft
13 M18 Nov 1967 J0-2 Thurcroft → Wadworth

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