The M26 is not much of a motorway - some people have even called it a glorified sliproad, since all it does is cut the corner for traffic going between the M25 southern section and M20. It does, however, have its own little exit, numbered 2A to fit in with the M20's junction numbering.

The longest distance between motorway exit points in Britain is found - partly - on the M26. Travelling west, after junction 2A, there are signs warning traffic that there is no exit for 18 miles. There is a junction and a service area in this distance, but at neither have you any option but to continue forwards onto the M25. The next exit is M25 J6.

Kent County Council continues to lobby for the installation of a new junction between the M26 and the A225 to improve access to Sevenoaks, which presently has astoundingly bad access to the motorway network despite being pushed up against the M25 and M26. The alternative option is a set of new sliproads at M25 J5 to allow traffic to travel between the M26 and A21, but neither option is being pursued with much enthusiasm by Highways England.







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10 miles

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Sep 1980 Entire motorway

Exit list

Symbols and conventions are explained in the key to exit lists. You can click any junction to see its full details.

NB. The M26 has only one junction of its own, numbered 2A to line up with the M20's junction numbers.

Junction   Westbound               Eastbound  
M25 J5
0.9 km
Gatwick Airport (M23 Link)
Heathrow Airport (M4 Link)
M25 Link


LanesLanesLanesLanesLanesLanes LanesLanesLanesLanesLanes
8 miles, 2 lanes 8 miles, 2 lanes
14.5 km
Borough Green
A20 (A25)
A20 Sevenoaks
Borough Green
A20 (A25)
LanesLanesLanesLanes LanesLanesLanesLanes
1 mile, 2 lanes 1 mile, 2 lanes
M20 J3
16 km
N/A M20


Channel Tunnel
M20 Link
LanesLanesLanesLanes LanesLanesLanesLanesLanesLanesLanes

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