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Publication dates

Here are the pages that are still incomplete and redirect to this page, and their anticipated publication dates. These dates are, of course, subject to change and are only here as a rough guide.

Publication dates have all been pushed back by about 18 months because of restrictions on access to archive facilities during the pandemic. As a result, the finish date for the last of the pages, previously estimated at mid 2021, is now late 2022.

Pages Expected publication
Western Radials
M40 and A40
M4 and A4
M3 and A316
Late 2021
Southern Radials
Parkway E
A20 and A20(M)
A2 and A2(M)
Early 2022
London with the Ringways
Driving the Ringways
Mid 2022
Secondary Road Network
A40(M) Westway
Radial Route 6
Eastern Avenue Extension
Dagenham Corridor
Richmond Hill Tunnel
Late 2022