M42 and A42

Bromsgrove to Kegworth

The M42 is a road of two parts, first forming part of the box of motorways surrounding Birmingham, and then striking off to the north-east as a major radial route towards Nottingham, the East Midlands and the north, turning into the A42 part-way there.


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Sorry, wrong number

Road numbering is a system with clear rules. What happens when the people responsible for numbering roads don't follow them?

We need to talk about Wisley

National Highways are spending a third of a billion pounds rebuilding one of the most congested junctions on the M25. Is it money well spent?

Oxford's Ground Zero

Oxford's Zero Emission Zone is just a trial, but transport policy in Oxford has become the catalyst for pitched battles and drawn in protestors from across the UK. What's happening to this genteel university town?

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A century ago, one short memorandum issued by the Ministry of Transport laid the groundwork for a system of standardised, uniform road signs and a great deal more.