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Published on 15 July 2017

This week, a brand new flyover at Longfield Road, just east of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, was opened to traffic for the first time. It replaces a roundabout on the A21 and means that the long-awaited Castle Hill to Pembury Improvement scheme is nearly finished.

When the cones are all cleared away, the A21 will have a continuous expressway from the M25 to the Kippings Cross Roundabout south-east of Pembury, a distance of 15 miles - and now that its run is no longer interrupted by a congested and frustrating gap south of Tonbridge, it's about time it was added to the Motorway Database.

So today there's a brand new entry for the A21 in the Motorway Database, complete with construction timeline and strip map of the whole route - including that brand new flyover.


Anthony Drew 8 August 2017

"Long Awaited" is an understatement! When the MoT held its consultations on the proposed Pembury bypass in the late 80's, we all said "Why haven't you included the Castle Hill improvement?" Our predictions were proved right, with massive queues morning and evening at the end of the Tonbridge or Pembury bypasses, caused by the Longfield roundabout. I used to commute up and down the A21 from 1986 till 2009 so the delays at this point became engraved on my soul....

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