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Published on 18 February 2021

We post lots of information about the fine details and the geeky trivia of the road network. Now we're expanding our information pages to provide better coverage of the basics.

Since the very beginning, has been home to an "information" section that includes some basic facts about the UK road network, including the FAQ and our ever-popular Dictionary. They’re frequented by people who are trying to answer questions about the roads, or who are new to the world of road fandom.

Right now, with access to government archives and other sources of information closed, work has slowed to a halt on our usual business writing detailed histories of things like the Ringways. So it feels like a good time to breathe some new life into the information pages instead, and do more to help people whose interest in roads is brand new.

There's more to follow in the coming weeks and months, but right now you'll find some changes are already happening - and even if you're a seasoned visitor who's seen it all before, you might well find something new to keep you entertained.

  • The existing Interchanges pages are being rewritten, with new 3D diagrams replacing the old artwork. Several have already been done and more will follow. 
  • The much-missed and regularly-requested Abbreviations page is back after a seven year absence with new graphics, explaining arcane terms like S4 and D2M that road enthusiasts like to drop in to conversation.
  • A brand new Road Signs section has appeared, explaining the whole system of UK road signs from first principles. There's more to be added to this in future but the first pages are already online.

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