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It's a bit like turning off the motorway between junctions and finding there's actually something there. There are three, so if you haven't found the others yet you might want to start looking now.

What's here? This time, you clicked on an octopus, so let's visit the enormous octopus junction at M74 junction 6. These pictures were taken on a grim day from a moving car, so they aren't the best - but it's good enough for some hidden fun.

My eight-tentacled friend

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Imperfectly Odd: Batheaston Bypass

It has viaducts, a tunnel and plenty of controversy, but the amazing Batheaston Bypass doesn’t really work. What went wrong?

South London's lost motorways

Completing the story of London's epic Ringways, we've just published the Southern Radials, five more motorways that never saw the light of day.

To the north east!

Two new additions to our collection of Opening Booklets take us to Darlington and Middlesbrough.

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Making road signs is a tricky business, but fortunately the professionals who design them get it right. Usually.

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