Forth Bridges

At the very end of August 2017, the new M90 Queensferry Crossing opened to traffic, marking the completion of a new bridge across the Firth of Forth between Edinburgh and Fife.

Great ceremonies were held and the event received blanket coverage in the press and on TV news, and it was also marked with some considerable excitement here on

If you want to see the new bridge, or indeed the three very different and striking bridges side by side, you can look up pictures on the internet very easily, and even find videos shot from vehicles crossing them.

But one of the best views to be had - and one of the least seen - is from the Forth itself. If you can find a way to get yourself on the water, the true scale and majesty of all three bridges becomes apparent. That's just what we did to create this gallery of pictures. Taking a small detour into the world of rail infrastructure, we explore the Forth Rail Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing from below.


Picture credits

  • The final five pictures are published here courtesy of Crinan Dunbar.

With thanks to Elena Wolfson for additional photography.

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