Changed junctions and new Smart Motorways

Published: 29 January 2017

Happy new year, and welcome to the first CBRD update in 2017! Regular visitors will be aware that there hasn't been much action on the website for a few months now. Unfortunately the site is not a full-time occupation and occasionally falls by the wayside when real life gets in the way — but we are back now, if only for a relatively small update, and will be resuming more regular and substantial updates again. Hoorah.

This update brings corrections to the Motorway Database where major roadworks have altered road layouts. Several junctions and sections of road have changed and things are generally more accurate and up to date as a result. The big headline changes are at Catthorpe Interchange (visible on the M1M6 and A14 exit lists), junctions 7 and 8 on the M56 where the newly upgraded A556 is about to open, and the A1 Western Bypass around Gateshead which has been widened and improved over a significant length.

Not in there at the time of writing, but very shortly to follow (perhaps by the time you've read this) are corrections to show new sections of Smart Motorway, including significant lengths of M1 and M6.

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