The A30 arrives in the Motorway Database

Published on 17 December 2016

If you're a regular visitor to the site, and if (this one is a much bigger if) you pay much attention to updates like this one posted to the front page, you might recall promises of a page in the Motorway Database for the A30 back at the start of 2015, and then in January this year when the A303 was added there were further noises to the effect that it was definitely going to happen.

If you gave up all hope and decided the front page could never again be trusted, that's understandable. But hopefully you will find your patience is handsomely rewarded this week, as a new addition to the Motorway Database is finally unveiled, in the form of the long-awaited A30 from Honiton to Redruth.

This doesn't just add one of the most important roads in Devon to the website, nor does it simply extend the Motorway Database to cover the single most important transport infrastructure in Cornwall. No, it does something even more important than that: the exit list now contains one of the most delightful place names in the UK, Broadwoodwidger, and that in itself makes the whole thing worthwhile. (You can find it between Okehampton and Launceston, on the section the timeline will tell you opened in 1993.)

Visitors occasionally ask whether there are any other roads to be added to the Motorway Database, and the answer is yes. There are fifteen routes planned to be added (all of them, of course, A-road expressways, making the name of the database ever more meaningless), including the A299, the A21, two seperate sections of the A46 and the addition of two more sections of A40. (There is one section of A40 already, but you can never have enough.)

For now, though, let's just be glad that the A30 has arrived, and that the front page does — eventually, if you're patient — keep its word.

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