M2 J5 Improvements

Scheme outline

Improvements to M2 junction 5 (Stockbury) which is a major interchange with the A249. At present the junction suffers regular congestion, particularly on the A249 southbound and the exit from the M2 westbound, and has an extremely poor safety record. It forms a break in the otherwise free-flowing A249 between Maidstone and Sheppey. Planned developments in the area will put further pressure on the junction.

Highways England initially proposed improvements to the sliproads and roundabout, but a more ambitious design was selected as the preferred route. A flyover will be built to carry the A249 over the roundabout, and some local roads will be diverted around the outside of the junction. Some left turns at the roundabout will be made free-flowing.

The M2 and its sliproads will not be modified, except where the sliproads interface with the upgraded roundabout junction.

In preparation
Junction improvement
with parts under motorway restrictions
Highway authority


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6 September 2017

According to BBC, public consultation on this scheme opens today .

10 September 2017

According to the consultation that opened this week, the proposed improvement is to add a new sliproad in the NW quadrant, and convert the existing roundabout to a signalized hamburger formation with direct left turns (also necessitating the rerouting of local roads).

25 September 2017

According to local news reports, Swale Borough Council unanimously reject the plans at a council meeting, instead stating their plans for a three level flyover, "Option 10". The current plans do not go far enough according to the council.

13 June 2019

Highways England have announced their latest plans for the Junction. This will include a flyover for the A249 and extra sliproads from A249N to M2E, and A249S to M2W.

A six week period begins for comments on the scheme.

24 October 2019

A public inquiry will be held in February 2020 "unless all the statutory objections are withdrawn", according to the Department for Transport.

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