M1 Widening J6a-10 (M25-Luton)

Scheme outline

On-line widening of the M1 between junctions 6a and 10 to dual-four lane motorway standard. Proposals that the new lane would be designated a HOV lane, for the use of vehicles carrying more than one person, have now been dropped as the Highways Agency considered it unsafe and the local police force refused to enforce it.

The scheme will also provide parallel lanes for the A414 between junctions 7 and 8, and the downgrading of the M10 to become part of the A414. Junction improvements will be carried out at junctions 8 and 10. As junction 7 will effectively be removed from the motorway mainline, it would be possible to renumber junction 6A to 7, but this has not yet been decided.

This scheme was completed in and we're no longer accepting updates or changes to this page.

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This scheme has been completed and we are no longer accepting progress updates.
14 November 2005

First phase of preparation work begins alongside the motorway.

14 March 2006

Work is now officially underway, as of 20 March.

14 June 2007

Overnight closures of the M1 are now taking place to allow the demolition of some of the historic bridges.

14 October 2007

Gantries being erected at regular intervals along the widened motorway confirm that the route will have Variable Speed Limits, and probably, Active Traffic Management.

14 May 2008

The section from junction 9 to 10 is now open to traffic with four lanes in each direction. The Highways Agency expects the rest of the works to be complete by December.

9 November 2008

New road signs have confirmed that the M25 junction will still be known as 6A, so there will be no junction renumbering.

12 December 2008

Entire route to revert to National Speed Limit status from 19 December 2008.

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