A419 Commonhead and Blunsdon Improvement

Scheme outline

Two separate schemes that are being processed together, as they will result in full grade separation of the A417/A419 route between the M4 and the A417 Brockworth and Cowley Improvement scheme.

The Commonhead scheme involves construction of a new dual two-lane flyover at the Commonhead roundabout southeast of Swindon. The roundabout is already laid out for future grade separation so this work is relatively straightforward.

The Blunsdon scheme will provide a new dual two-lane bypass of the village of Blunsdon, which is currently bisected by a dual carriageway. For traffic on the A419 this results in delays due to the right turns, private accesses and one signalised junction.

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14 June 2005

The Commonhead Junction project is now fully confirmed and work is expected to begin in September 2005. The Blunsdon Bypass is still subject to a public inquiry and work may not start there until 2007.

14 October 2005

Public inquiry starts. Work has commenced at Commonhead Roundabout, though it appears to be just ground preparation work.

14 January 2006

A site depot has been commissioned and new crossover points installed on the A419 for future contraflow works. Most of the vegetation has been cleared from the site of the flyover. Preparatory work is underway for the bridge piers.

14 July 2006

At Commonhead, the flyover embankments are now complete and retaining walls are in place. It has been confirmed that the traffic lights on the roundabout will be removed when the works are complete.

14 September 2006

The bridges are lifted into place over the first weekend in September.

14 November 2006

Both new bridges at Commonhead are now in place and work here is expected to finish before the end of the year.

At Blunsdon work has started on a new roadbed at the bottom of Blunsdon Hill. For the next year there will be no impact on traffic, but as the new road is tied in to the existing A419, disruption is expected during the second year of work.
14 January 2007

A419 through traffic is now using the new Commonhead flyovers, though there is still work to be done at the junction and it is not officially open. Traffic signals at the roundabout have been covered up in preparation for their removal.

14 May 2007

The flyover's temporary 40mph speed limit has now been removed and the new road is open to traffic. The roundabout below has seen the removal of traffic lights. Works are now taking place for the Blunsdon Bypass, including early earthworks and some lane closures on the existing road are taking place.

14 March 2008

The bypass is now well under way, with the road laid out on the ground and the bridleway overbridge halfway along nearing completion.

14 May 2008

The Lady Lane bridge opens to traffic, allowing the traffic lights there to finally be switched off and dismantled. Work is now due to finish in winter 2008.

3 November 2008

The scheme is nearing completion, with road markings appearing on the new southbound carriageway up Blunsdon hill. The new northbound carriageway has been in use since 1 July.

16 November 2008

The Turnpike roundabout is no more. The southbound carriageway switched to the new alignment up Blunsdon Hill in the early hours of 16 November, with the new Lady Lane junction sliproads replacing the roundabout. Most parts of the new layout are thus in place.

23 December 2008

Speed restrictions have been lifted (apart from the southbound carriageway at the foot of Blunsdon Hill where realignment is in progress). Almost all the work on the new alignment is complete, but some landscaping is still in progress, along with conversion of the old dual carriageway into a local road.

4 February 2009

The realignment at the bottom of Blunsdon Hill has been finished, and the speed restriction lifted.

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