A27 Chichester Improvement

Scheme outline

Upgrade of the current A27 Chichester Bypass, which suffers from chronic congestion and unreliable journey times. The existing road has five roundabouts and one signalised junction, and is one of the major barriers to the provision of a free-flowing route along the south coast.

Highways England have refined the possible options to three proposals, and a preferred scheme will then be selected from these three as part of a public consultation in spring 2016.

Options being considered at the outset included junction improvements on the existing bypass, including some grade separation, and a new bypass to the north of the city.

In early March 2017, it was announced that none of the options had found favour in the consultation, with almost half the respondents - an astonishing proportion - adding written submissions to demand a northern bypass, which had been ruled out before the consultation started. The scheme has been cancelled.

This scheme has been cancelled. We're no longer accepting updates or changes to this page.

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This scheme has been cancelled and we are no longer accepting progress updates.
9 May 2016

The consultation has been delayed until Summer 2016 as Highways England are apparently having problems identifying and finalising their options.

1 March 2017

Following consultation, there was opposition to all options by the local councils and others. The Secretary of State for Transport has decided to cancel the scheme altogether.

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