A27 Arundel Bypass

Scheme outline

Construction of a bypass to carry the A27 past Arundel. There is already a bypass for the A27, but it is now quite old and runs very close to the town centre. The A27 presently reduces from dual to single carriageway approaching the town from both the east and west, and negotiates several junctions that regularly suffer congestion. The objective of this scheme is to allow the A27 to flow past Arundel as an uninterrupted dual two-lane expressway.

The preferred route announcement, made in May 2018, selected a route to the south of Arundel, running from Crossbush Junction in the east (which was laid out, complete with flyover, in anticipation of this scheme more than 20 years ago) to Shellbridge Road in the west. The route will run on an extended viaduct or embankment to cross the flood plain of the River Arun, and part of the new road will lie within the boundaries of the South Downs National Park, meaning there is some considerable pressure to minimise the environmental impact of the western part of the bypass and the junction where it rejoins the existing A27.

Interestingly, Highways England may be in trouble with their present proposals for this new bypass if they are unaware of an eccentric demand made forty years ago. In the 1970s, when this bypass was first in planning, the Duke of Norfolk reluctantly agreed to release some of his land for the construction of a southern bypass for Arundel, but made it an absolute condition that the new road would be called a "relief road" and not a bypass. He was insistent that, if the scheme were referred to as a bypass, Arundel would not get one. He also made it a condition that, once the new bypass was built, the existing one running close to the town must be returned to open land. At present there are no plans for that to happen.

Whether or not these conditions still apply is unclear, and the present Duke is not the one who set out those conditions in the 1970s.

In preparation
Bypass or realignment
for use by all traffic
Highway authority


5 September 2017

Highways England have produced a package of 4 options for the proposed bypass of Arundel. The consultation for the works have started and will run until the 16th of October 2017. More information on their website.

14 May 2018

Confirmation that a modified version of Option 5A has been chosen as the preferred route for this scheme.

In the coming weeks a series of drop in events will be held around the scheme to give people with an interest in it the opportunity to talk to Highways England.

18 February 2020

The additional route consultation review period has been extended to 1 March, according to a press release.

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