A2500 Lower Road Improvement

Scheme outline

Improvement of the existing A2500 between the A249 Sheppey Way and Barton Hill Drive. This section of road is at present a narrow single carriageway, but carries substantial volumes of traffic, serving most of the eastern side of the Isle of Sheppey. Planned housing developments around Barton Hill Drive will increase pressure on this route.

The improvement will be delivered in two phases:

  • Phase 1 will involve construction of a large new roundabout at the junction of Barton Hill Drive, with provision for a new road to the north west where future development will take place.
  • Phase 2 will involve widening the existing A2500 between Cowstead Corner (the roundabout between the A2500 and Sheppey Way, just off the A249) and the new Barton Hill Drive roundabout, to provide a modern full-width single two-lane road with hard strips, segregated cycle path and modernised drainage facilities.

The new roundabout is due to be completed in February 2019 and the road widening will begin at that point, with all work due to be completed by December of that year.

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20 December 2018

The roundabout opened to traffic on December 18th. Now there is tidying up alongside before Phase 2 to widen A2500 between the new roundabout and Cowstead Corner (A249) begins in January/February

14 March 2019

The proposed widening is now on hold and could well be cancelled in due course following the calling-in of the planning application for 700 homes to be built adjacent to the road. (Just over £1m of the costs depended on planning being granted, but the plans were voted down and subsequently called-in due to a variety of concerns, including the fact the road can't handle existing traffic, let alone that of 700 more houses. Funding from the government for the remainder of the costs either expires soon or has expired, depending on which source you believe.)

18 May 2019

A recent project newsletter suggests this scheme is still live. Widening at Cowstead Corner Roundabout, and construction of the new footway and cycleway to Barton Hill Drive, will go ahead. Widening Lower Road up to the new roundabout at Barton Hill Drive and provision of a right-turn lane into Wall End Farm will follow when funding can be found. As a result, groundwork has now started on the footway and cycleway.

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