A120 Braintree - Marks Tey

Scheme outline

Construction of a new dual two-lane road to replace the existing A120 between Braintree and the A12 at Marks Tey.

This scheme has been cancelled. We're no longer accepting updates or changes to this page.

Bypass or realignment
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
Private consortuim / Highways Agency


This scheme has been cancelled and we are no longer accepting progress updates.
25 July 2009

Due to the high cost of the scheme, the East of England regional office have not included it within their latest funding proposal. The DfT has therefore instructed the Highways Agency to stop any preparatory work on this scheme.

29 July 2009

According to the local press this scheme has now been shelved indefinately due to lack of funds. The government reportedly described the scheme as 'quite simply unaffordable'.

19 February 2010

The West Tey Consortium, a group of key landowners, are proposing a major road and housing development in an attempt to 'kick-start' an up-grade of the A120. They will fund a dual carriageway extension from the MacDonalds roundabout to the existing A120 between Braintree and Stisted, and from the Eastern end of the Coggeshall by-pass down to the A12. The areas enclosed by these roads will be for housing.

17 January 2011

The scheme has been fully withdrawn.

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