North West

M62 J8 Burtonwood 13 October 2008

Construction of a new roundabout interchange at Burtonwood, Lancashire, to allow access to the A574 and the development area in the north-west of Warrington. It coincides with the construction of a new link road to the Omega Employment Area. The scheme includes upgrade of the M62 between junctions 8 and 9 to dual four lane standard.


Harry Yeadon 23 June 2006

A civil engineer, working principally in the North West of England, responsible for many of the area's motorways.


Liverpool Inner Motorway 29 May 2004

There's almost no evidence of Liverpool's 1960's plans for an inner ring road on the ground - but the motorway that never materialised would have been astonishing. The full details on the route, and the missing part the M62, are here.