Route Open Junctions Section
1 M27 Feb 1978 J7-8 Hedge End → Windover
2 M67 Mar 1978 J2-4 Hyde Bypass
3 M180 May 1978 J1-2 Thorne → Sandtoft
4 M66 May 1978 J0-3 Bury Eastern Bypass (north)
5 M90 May 1978 J10-11 Craigend → A90 Opened as M85
6 M180 Oct 1978 J1-2 Sandtoft → Trent
7 M180 Nov 1978 J3-4 Scunthorpe Bypass
8 M180 Dec 1978 J2-3 Trent → Scunthorpe Bypass

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Imperfectly Odd: Batheaston Bypass

It has viaducts, a tunnel and plenty of controversy, but the amazing Batheaston Bypass doesn’t really work. What went wrong?

South London's lost motorways

Completing the story of London's epic Ringways, we've just published the Southern Radials, five more motorways that never saw the light of day.

To the north east!

Two new additions to our collection of Opening Booklets take us to Darlington and Middlesbrough.

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