Route Open Junctions Section
1 M5 Jan 1973 J20-22 Clevedon and Mendip Hills section
2 A329(M) Feb 1973 Entire motorway
3 A1 and A1(M) May 1973 J4-6 Stanborough → Welwyn
4 M606 May 1973 J1-2 Cleckheaton Road → M62
5 M62 May 1973 J26-27 Chain Bar → Gildersome
6 M40 Aug 1973 J1-2 Gerrards Cross Bypass
7 M5 Aug 1973 J22-23 Highbridge Bypass
8 M62 Nov 1973 J6-10 Tarbock → Croft
9 M621 Nov 1973 J0-1 Gildersome → Beeston
10 M5 Dec 1973 J23-24 Bridgwater Bypass
11 1973 Hackney Link Opened as A102(M), now part of A12

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