A9 Tay Crossing to Ballinluig

Scheme outline

Upgrade of the existing single carriageway A9 to a dual two-lane road between the Tay Crossing near Dunkeld and the existing dual carriageway at Ballinluig. The scheme is part of a wider programme of works to upgrade the whole A9 to dual carriageway between Perth and Inverness.

This section runs along the east bank of the river Tay and the design accommodates for the fact that the road runs in part on flood plain. Measures are also being taken to alleviate the risk of landslides on the southern part of the scheme, where this has been a problem in the past.

The upgraded road will include just one minor interchange, a compact grade separated junction at Kindallachan, and apart from that existing access to the A9 will be closed, with nearby properties served by smaller access roads.

This scheme is part of the A9 Dualling Perth to Inverness programme of works.

In preparation
Other upgrade
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
Scottish Government


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