A69 Junction Improvements

Scheme outline

Upgrade work to grade-separate the Styford and Bridge End roundabouts on the A69, allowing through traffic to pass over the top of both junctions.

Both roundabouts were constructed in the 1970s as part of work to dual the A69 and bypass Hexham and Corbridge. They were laid out with elongated roundabouts and splayed carriageways to allow flyovers to be installed at a later date when traffic levels required them. This provision will now be used to install flyovers at relatively low cost.

This scheme arose from the Northern Trans-Pennine Strategic Study, which took place in 2016 and investigated both the A66 and A69 to find ways to improve journey times and connectivity across the Pennines. Most of the £220m improvements recommended by that report are on the A66, which is of greater strategic importance, but improvement work to these two interchanges provided such noticeable benefits for the relatively small outlay that this scheme was also approved.

It is no secret that a much greater impact on journey times across the Pennines between Newcastle and Carlisle would come from dualling the remainder of the road, but the cost of doing that would be far greater than this scheme and would involve a much longer planning and design process. This scheme takes place entirely within the existing highway boundary and design work is confined to two small sites, meaning it is both much cheaper and much quicker to complete.

In preparation
Junction improvement
for use by all traffic
Highway authority


18 March 2020

Work is well under way at the Bridge End Roundabout near Hexham.

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