A46 Stoneleigh Junction

Scheme outline

Upgrade to the existing Stoneleigh Junction on the A46 between Coventry and Warwick to create a two-bridge grade separated roundabout interchange.

At present, the junction is a simple diamond with priority junctions where the sliproads meet Stoneleigh Road. Warwickshire County Council intend to use this junction as the eastern end of a significant new link road (currently called the A46 Link Road, though it will not actually be part of the A46) that will be built in phases to connect the University of Warwick, situated in the south-west of Coventry, to Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth via the A46. The link road may ultimately continue north-westwards to provide access to the proposed HS2 rail interchange near the Birmingham NEC.

The scheme will involve the construction of a second bridge across the A46 immediately north of the existing one, creation of a large roundabout above the A46 using the existing and new bridges, realignment of the north-facing sliproads to meet the new roundabout, and reconstruction of the existing roundabout immediately west of the interchange where Dalehouse Lane and Stoneleigh Road meet.

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Junction improvement
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