A1(M) Bramham - Wetherby

Scheme outline

Upgrade of the existing dual three-lane all-purpose dual carriageway A1 to dual three-lane motorway standard, linking the motorway sections at Bramham and Wetherby. The works will involve closing the junctions at Bramham and south of Wetherby. Many local residents are unhappy with the plans as they will put all traffic between the A1 and A58 onto the narrow A659, which is widely thought to be unsuitable. The works will also provide a single-carriageway all-purpose road on the inside of the new Wetherby Bypass motorway to cater for local traffic.

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Other upgrade
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Highway authority
Central Government/DBFO


14 July 2002

Department for Transport announces planned upgrade.

14 June 2007

Some tree clearance has taken place near the Wharfe bridge, and the road for non-motorway traffic has now been marked between Bramham and the A659. Ground works have been started in some places.

14 August 2007

Bramham lay-by and A58 Thorp Arch junction are both now closed permanently. Work is well advanced on the new link road alongside the A1, and preparatory work has begun for the new Wharfe Bridge.

14 June 2008

The local access road between Wetherby and the A64 is now open to traffic in both directions, with access closed off at the old Bramham junction. Work is still very much in progress on the Wetherby Bypass with seemingly a long way to go.

14 July 2008

The original overbridge at Wetherby Grange has now been demolished, meaning that much of the work south of Wetherby is now nearing completion.

26 May 2009

All looks ready to open, though it was still restricted to two lanes each way on 25th May.

9 June 2009

Junction numbering to be amended at Hook Moor to become consecutive.

10 August 2009

The Highways Agency website reports that the road becomes fully operational as a three-lane motorway in both directions today (31 July 2009), in time for the summer holidays. Traffic management measures have been cleared away and the road is fully open to traffic.

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