A1237 York Outer Ring Road Improvements

Scheme outline

Improvement works to seven of the existing roundabouts on the A1237 York Outer Ring Road. At present the Ring Road suffers daily congestion because it has insufficient capacity for the traffic it carries, and the numerous roundabouts are one of the key causes of this. York City Council wish to further discourage private motor traffic from the city and see the improvement of the Outer Ring Road as part of this strategy.

The works will see widening of approaches and exits, generally to provide three lanes on the approach and two away from the junction, at the following seven sites:

  • Wetherby Road roundabout (B1224)
  • Great North Way roundabout
  • Clifton Moor roundabout
  • Wigginton Road roundabout (B1363)
  • Haxby roundabout
  • Strensall roundabout
  • Monks Cross roundabout

York City Council passed a resolution in late 2018 committing to widening of the Outer Ring Road to dual carriageway in the future. That work will form a later scheme, but the present works are intended to be compatible with the road's eventual upgrade to dual carriageway.

Under construction
Junction improvement
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund


9 June 2019

Work is now completed at Wetherby Road Roundabout and work has started at Monks Cross Roundabout.

7 January 2020

It appears York City Council has secured an extra £25 million funding from the department of Transport to dual the ring road between Monks Cross and Poppleton. The works are planned to begin at the end of 2020 with the completion date estimated at the end of 2022.
Presumably, the roundabout upgrades will now be included as part of this new project.

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