Opening booklets:
M2 Motorway and Medway Bridge

Booklet published to mark the opening of the M2 Medway Bridge
Booklet published to mark the opening of the M2 Medway Bridge

The Medway Motorway, or Medway Towns Bypass, was opened in around 1965 as a handy way to get past Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester. The whole of the M2 was pretty much one big project, and these two booklets commemorate the opening of the road itself and the Medway Bridge, its major engineering feature.

The motorway's western end was upgraded out of all recognition from these documents in the early 2000s, and the Medway Bridge itself was duplicated with a near-identical copy to widen the motorway.

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New Medway Viaducts

Taken over the course of two years, from 2002 to 2003, these sixteen images chart the construction of two new bridges alongside the M2 Medway Viaduct.


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