Churchill away

18 September 2020

Liverpool's Churchill Way flyovers were demolished earlier this year. Bryn Buck explores what's left when an elevated road suddenly goes away.

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Think inside the box

20 August 2020

Yellow box junctions keep crossroads clear and traffic on the move. Not everyone understands the rules, though - do you?

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Latest Blog comments

  • 60 years of motorways Gregg 28 November 2020

    The M90 south of the Forth (opened 2007 and 2017) probably also counts as…

  • 60 years of motorways 27 November 2020

    I think there have been three more since then:

    • M1 (M621-A1)…
  • 60 years of motorways Graham Bamber 27 November 2020

    I may be wrong but I think that the M65 motorway which was opened in 1997…

Latest Bad Junctions comments

  • A1 - M25 - A1081 Iain. 24 November 2020

    I have been driving SB on the A1(M) past this junction almost every working…

  • A167 - A184 Dave 9 November 2020

    Ah I marvelled at this junction for years on Bad Junctions but had the joy…

  • A90 - A945 - B9077 Doug H 9 November 2020

    This junction, while busy, is no longer as bad as it was. All hail the AWPR…

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