Thanks for all the great work keeping road schemes going! It's always been great to see what's going on in one easy-to-find place but I thoroughly understand the difficulties in putting it all together and keeping it up to date! I for one always had the forlorn hope that the powers that be in Whitehall, and elsewhere, would use the Road Schemes pages as a kind of to-do list and it would nudge them into getting on with schemes that were long overdue! Wishful thinking I'm sure, but a comfort for those of us who have long been waiting to see towns and villages crippled by outdated roads ploughing through the middle of them! Or those of us waiting for regions like East Anglia to be better connected! And as electric vehicles gather pace, maybe road-building won't be quite such a dirty word environmentally, in the future? So thanks again, Chris. I'll still be a regular on the website; keep up the good work!

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