Edward 28 March 2020

Very sad day. Road schemes was the only reason I found this site, and only reason I still read it. I love roads. And the ambition and scale of this Government's road building plans with RIS1 and forthcoming RIS2, not to mention the duelling projects in Scotland, represent the first time since the 70's that our taxes have been collected and used to make our lives better on such a scale. But alas, this very site which serves to collate all these projects and allows us to follow their progress is being closed down. I understand some of the shortcomings, and the patchy nature of the updates, but to just give up on it at a time when there is such a renewed interest from Government to deal with our creaking infrastructure, seems a real shame. If the workload is too high, you should consider closing other sections. Bad junctions is awful. Shut down Twitter. Blogs about road signs and roundabouts are not needed. Look at the time and energy you put into Ringways. Very good, but they don't exist! If people can't follow the schemes which are happening all around them, and indeed across the country, why would anyone come here anyway? Because I probably no longer will...

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