Iain Dobson 28 March 2020

This is a big problem across a number of hobbies, everyone wants the information but people don't want to contribute! With a lot of people it is a one way street, their way. In another hobby the people who hoover up information and never contribute are legendary.

Then you have the people who say, we did not send you the information as we thought you would know! Like you have a crystal ball on your desk.

I do think that going out on a high is better than having to take something down. In some cases, no information is better than old and mouldy gen.

Why not offer help to someone who wants to set up a new roads scheme web site? Provide them with a link from Roads.org. What do you think are the chances of dying in the stampede of willing volunteers? About nil.

Thanks for the good work you have done.

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