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Rob 21 February 2015

As much as people dislike this junction, I'm quite a fan of the 2013 improvements - it's nice to finally be able to get out of Exeter onto the M5 South without having to muck around through Sowton rush-hour traffic jams for 30-45 minutes to J30.

I think you hit the nail on the head with building a new junction for A30 long-distance traffic and keeping this one otherwise unchanged for local traffic.

The two qualms I have though is, firstly the lane arrangement eastbound since the 2013 works, where an extra lane appears on the left and then disappears from the right, shifting everyone over for no reason when they could have just painted the lines diagonally, and secondly the northbound on-slip, which I had to use for the first time yesterday (and many a time in the past have been wary of when passing it on the main carriageway) - it is far too short, it feels no longer than a non-junction Services exit!

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