Lincolnshire County Council

A15 Lincoln Eastern Bypass 23 May 2017

Construction of a new single two-lane road with roundabout junctions from the A15 Sleaford Road south of Bracebridge Heath, across the River Witham on a new bridge, to the Wragby Road roundabout at the end of the existing northern bypass.

The new road will allow through traffic on the north-south A15 route to avoid passing through the centre of Lincoln, a route that presently involves congested urban roads and a steep hill.

The bypass was originally proposed as a dual two-lane road, but was drastically reduced in scale to gain central government funding.


A1073 Spalding to Eye Improvement 18 October 2011

Construction of a new single two-lane carriageway to replace the existing A1073 which connects Peterborough to Spalding via Crowland. The existing road is non-primary, but is preferred by traffic over the official A15/A16 routing via Market Deeping as it is more direct. As a result the A1073 is heavily overloaded, has a very poor accident record and is difficult to maintain.

It is expected that the resulting high-standard road will become a primary route on opening.