Opening booklets:
A505 Baldock Bypass

Booklets published to mark the construction and opening of the Baldock Bypass
Booklets published to mark the construction and opening of the Baldock Bypass

The top of this page says that there are no glossy booklets to record the achievement of a new road opening. Largely, that's true, but sometimes a little glimmer of pride in a job well done is allowed to shine through.

One very recent example, worth recording here for its rarity as much as anything else, is the A505 Baldock Bypass. Opened in 2006 by Hertfordshire County Council, it is a fairly standard modern bypass, with the exception that a cut-and-cover tunnel was built along the route to preserve the skyline where it cuts through the Weston Hills. Presented here are two booklets, one describing the design and construction of the road, and the other commemorating its opening.

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