Yorkshire and the Humber

A1 Rainton Crossroads 26 October 2008

A small scale junction improvement scheme at the dangerous Rainton crossroads. Currently this is a flat junction just a few miles north of the end of the motorway at Dishforth. The A1 here is due to be upgraded to motorway within the next few years anyway, but this junction is seen as such a priority that it is to be grade separated immediately. A flyover will be constructed but the exact layout of the new junction is not yet confirmed.


A650 Bingley Relief Road 23 October 2008

Construction of a new dual-two lane road, including a grade separated junction partway along, between the A650 at Shipley and the existing dual carriageway at Keighley. Because of the steep geography of the area the road is being constructed in spare land alongside the Leeds-Liverpool Canal through the centre of Bingley.


A1033 Hedon Road Upgrade 13 October 2008

Upgrade of the A1033 between Hull City Centre and the docks to dual two lane carriageways with some grade separated junctions. It will eliminate the present congested road with frequent traffic lights and access points.