Yorkshire and the Humber

A6182 Doncaster White Rose Way 8 October 2014

A scheme to upgrade the A6182 White Rose Way in Doncaster, providing a continuous dual two-lane road from the M18 to the existing dualled sections further in to the town. Two existing roundabouts will be replaced with signalised junctions.


M62 installation of ATM J25-30 7 October 2014

Installation of Active Traffic Management (ATM) on this length of the M62 motorway, with J25-26 enabled to use hard shoulder running permanently and others dynamically during busy times only.

The scheme replaces a previous proposal to fully widen the M62 to dual four-lanes, which has now been scrapped.


A1(M) Dishforth - Leeming 28 April 2012

Upgrade of the existing two-lane all purpose dual carriageway A1 to three-lane motorway standard, from Dishforth (the northern terminus of the North Yorkshire motorway) to Leeming Bar, approximately half-way to the next motorway section at Barton.

The original intention, to upgrade the whole section from Dishforth to Barton in one scheme, was replaced with two separate schemes to be completed one after the other. The Leeming to Barton scheme was then dropped due to government spending cuts.


A57 M1 to Todwick Crossroads 1 March 2012

Upgrade of the existing A57 from single to dual carriageway between M1 J31 and Todwick crossroads (A57/B6463 junction). The improvements will start at a point 400 m to the east of J31, where the current dual carriageway ends. The Todwick crossroads will be replaced by a five-arm roundabout.

The aims of this scheme are to improve safety (this road has dangerous bends and a poor accident record), and increase capacity.


A64 Brambling Fields Interchange Improvement 13 January 2012

Construction of the missing eastbound exit sliproad at the A64/B1248 Brambling Fields junction, east of Malton. The existing sliproads will be re-aligned as required in order to tie in with a new dumbbell roundabout, allowing all movements.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce the amount of traffic passing through the centre of Malton.

Work started on 9 January 2012, and is expected to take around six months to complete.


Burdock Way 20 February 2010

The humble West Yorkshire town of Halifax may well be the creator of the most adventurous urban road scheme in the country. It's astonishing, but what was built isn't even the half of it.



Hemsworth A1 Link Road 16 November 2009

Single-carriageway road connecting developments around Hemsworth and South Elmsall to the A1 near Barnsdale Bar, due to open to traffic by August 2009.

It will use former railway for part of its length and connect the A628 Hemsworth Bypass to the existing A1/A639 junction.

A1(M) Bramham - Wetherby 14 August 2009

Upgrade of the existing dual three-lane all-purpose dual carriageway A1 to dual three-lane motorway standard, linking the motorway sections at Bramham and Wetherby. The works will involve closing the junctions at Bramham and south of Wetherby. Many local residents are unhappy with the plans as they will put all traffic between the A1 and A58 onto the narrow A659, which is widely thought to be unsuitable. The works will also provide a single-carriageway all-purpose road on the inside of the new Wetherby Bypass motorway to cater for local traffic.


M62 J27 Gildersome Roundabouts 16 June 2009

Widening of the two "dumbbell" roundabouts; with direct cut-throughs of the northern (A62/A650) roundabout for A62 traffic; the southern roundabout will be converted to a "teardrop" form (like M4/M32 or Catthorpe east). Both roundabouts will be signalised. Some of the motorway slip roads are to be realigned. The speed limit for the entire junction complex will be reduced to 30mph.


A63 East Leeds Link Road 11 February 2009

Construction of a new dual two-lane road from 'missing' M1 junction 45 to the centre of Leeds along presently unclassified Pontefract Lane, to dual two lane standard with at-grade junctions. Most of the route will have a HOV lane in one or both directions.


A61 Leeds Inner Ring Road Stage 7 1 November 2008

A mostly on-line upgrade of sections of existing A61 to connect M621 J4 to the sections of road already improved in Stage 6 at Hunslet. The new road will be dual-two lane standard and partly grade-separated, featuring a 500m elevated section south of the River Aire.


A61 Sheffield Inner Relief Road 26 October 2008

Creation of a new dual two-lane route around the centre of Sheffield, partly on a new alignment and partly by widening existing roads. The new route is effectively an inner ring road, and is intended to largely replace the abandoned 1960s attempt at an inner ring that was disruptive and caused a great deal of severance. The new road is at-grade and features extensive landscaping.

Stage 1 of the new road has already been completed and current works (detailed on this page) comprise Stage 2.


A66 Dualling Scotch Corner - Stephen Bank 26 October 2008

Upgrade of the existing substandard A66 route from Scotch Corner on the A1 to the County Durham border. The scheme is broken into two sections, Scotch Corner to Carkin Moor and Greta Bridge to Stephen Bank. It is likely that the road will be upgraded to dual two-lane all-purpose, but will not be grade-separated.


A63 Melton Junction 26 October 2008

A new grade separated junction to be provided at Melton to replace the existing signalised crossroads. The junction has a poor safety record as it comes shortly after the end of the M62, and is now the last remaining signalised junction between Liverpool and Hull.


A1(M) Darrington - Hook Moor 26 October 2008

Upgrade of existing two-lane all purpose dual carriageway A1 to three-lane motorway standard, from Darrington (south of M62) to Hook Moor (M1). This is part of the Highways Agency's strategy to upgrade the A1(M) from Doncaster to Barton. The new dual three-lane road will be created off-line and the original A1 narrowed.


A1(M) Wetherby - Walshford 26 October 2008

Upgrade of existing two-lane all purpose A1 to three-lane motorway standard, from B1224 (part-way along the Wetherby Bypass) to Walshford (the southern terminus of the next section of motorway). This is part of the Highways Agency's strategy to upgrade the A1(M) from Darrington to Barton.


A64 Bilbrough Top Improvement 26 October 2008

Replacement of the existing crossroads on the A64 between Tadcaster and York with a grade-separated junction, including the installation of a new flyover. This section of road is running well under capacity, with substandard junctions and a poor alignment. It was built during the 1930's, but at each end is connected directly on to modern grade-separated dual carriageway. Bilbrough Top is one of the most dangerous junctions on the route.


A63 Selby Bypass 26 October 2008

Construction of a new bypass to Selby in North Yorkshire to two-lane single carriageway standard, including overbridges across minor roads and a new crossing at the Ouse. Roundabout junctions with the A19, A1041 and at each end.